Tips for Buying a Wig

Tips for Buying a Wig

Some people choose to handle their hair loss by opting for a wig. Wigs are an immediate solution that does not require any visit to the doctor or any specialized medical professional, so they may be the optimal solution for some. An added bonus is that you get to try out new hairstyles each day without having to go to the hair stylist.

If you’re in the market for a wig, here are some tips specially curated for you so that you can pick the best wig possible.

  • Buy a wig stand

This tip is easily forgotten, so I decided to include it first. Of course, wig stands aren’t as glamorous as the actual wig, but they are extremely important to maintain a good-looking wig. Wig stands keep your wig from getting tangled and also allows it to keep its shape so that it looks brand new every time you put it on.

  • Visit your Hairdresser

Once you’ve picked out your ideal wig, don’t be too shy to make a visit to your hairdresser. Even if it isn’t your hair, your hairdresser can still help you out. Ask him or her to cut the wig so that it properly frames your face. You can also have your hairdresser if they have any recommendations for what style would like best on you in particular.

  • Try out Different Hair Caps

With wigs, the hair cap you select can make all the difference. Instead of just choosing one at random, make sure to research all the different cap types and try them out for yourself. You can choose between the basic cap, lace front, microfilament caps, and more. Of course, a wig may not be the right choice for everyone. Consider going with medicine or a topical treatment, or scalp micropigmentation services from companies like Team Micro.

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