Hair Dye and Hair Loss

Hair Dye and Hair Loss

Dyeing your hair should always be a fun way to express yourself. However, some people face adverse effects when experimenting with hair dye. Hair dye and bleach are both filled with chemicals that, when used sparingly, aren’t too dangerous. Improper use, though, can lead to disaster.

What causes a chemical burn?

When you go to get your hair done professionally, your stylist knows what bleach to apply to your hair and for how long. When you decide to do a DIY job on your hair, you’re going in without any expertise. This makes it easy for too much bleach to be applied.

An overabundance of bleach can damage to the hair follicle, weakening it and causing it to fall out. After enough damage, chemical burns can appear on the scalp, and in worst-case scenarios, leave scarring.

How to deal with a chemical burn

If you’ve gotten a nasty chemical burn as a result of a bad dye job, you’re not completely out of luck yet. Many creams and lotions have been created specifically to soothe a tender scalp. On top of this, a general practitioner can prescribe medications to prevent these burns from getting infected.

Hair loss due to a chemical burn is usually not permanent, although it is often very inconvenient. These types of burns usually only result in slight hair loss that’s usually invisible. However, if your burn was severe enough to cause moderate hair loss, there are solutions available. Scalp Revolution recommends scalp micropigmentation, or the depositing of pigment directly into your scalp, for major hair loss, as this process evens out patchiness and creates the illusion of thick, healthy hair. If you’re concerned about visible bald spots, this treatment could be just what you need to feel like yourself again.

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