Collagen and Hair Loss

Collagen and Hair Loss

Simply Google “hair loss solutions” and you’ll be met with thousands upon thousands of websites that promise to help you end your hair loss once and for all. But, what if one of the best solutions to hair loss was already inside you?

Many medical experts believe that collagen, which is already naturally produced by the human body, may be the key to reversing hair loss. Learn about the ways in which collagen can help boost hair growth down below.

Strengthens the hair. The main way that collagen helps combat hair loss is by strengthening the hair strands. Collagen is already found naturally in our hair strands, but as we get older, we produce less collagen and don’t replace as many of our dying hair cells. This can lead to hair thinning.

But, if the body intakes a significant amount of collagen, it can help keep your hair strong and elastic. Therefore, you won’t see as many hair strands falling out when taking a shower or brushing your hair.  Or, if you’re growing older, you’ll see less bald spots as the years go by. 

How to take it in. Though collagen is already produced by our body, we need to ingest collagen in order to combat hair loss. One way to do so is through supplements. Several companies have caught on to how beneficial collagen can be for the body and sell tablets containing the substance. 

If tablets aren’t quite your style, you can find collagen in several different foods and incorporate them into your diet. One of the most classic examples of a collagen-rich food is bone broth, but there are several other options that you may find to be more substantial. These include leafy greens and citrus fruits, as well as oysters and meats like beef and chicken. Consider adding these to your diet if you want to slow down the effects of hair thinning.

For the best results, you may want to take collagen tablets in addition to incorporating more collagen into your diet. 

Other Options. Of course, ingesting more collagen may simply help to slow down hair thinning, not help you get back the hair that you’ve already lost. And, even with a collagen rich diet, it make take a while for you to see the results that you want. 

A new method that provides immediate results is called scalp micropigmentation, taught by world-renowned artist Pam Neighbors at Trillium Ink. This procedure works by filling in the gaps in your hairline with tiny pigments. This tiny pigments work to create the appearance of a filled in, healthy hairline. Scalp micropigmentation can also be utilized to create the illusion that someone who has completely lost their hair has recently shaved their heads. You can learn more about scalp micropigmentation here:

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