How To Revive Your Hair Health After A Painful Surgery?

How To Revive Your Hair Health After A Painful Surgery?

Life after surgery can never be compared with the one before. People who have survived cancer, thyroid, and other medical issues in the recent past might have to experience many changes in their lives. One of them is baldness. 

Many people, especially women, experience substantial baldness after cancer treatment, during pregnancy, after childbirth, etc. While hair grows back automatically after some time in most cases, sometimes, they don’t. Life can be complicated to women who go through this condition. 

If you are experiencing a similar case and hair quickly, make sure you take the right course of action to handle this situation properly. 

Changing your food habits, increasing protein intake daily, taking multivitamins, giving up smoking, and drinking are some of the initial steps to forge ahead in this direction. Besides, you must also take care of your mental health as stress and depression trigger hair loss in women. 

Other than the steps mentioned above, visit a hair care expert like Karen Nicolaou as soon as possible to opt for the right medication and treatments to minimize hair loss effects. Scalp micro-pigmentation and microblading are two such treatments that help patients who have lost hair in their scalp and eyebrow areas. They have many other treatments that can play a vital role in reviving your fashion sense after hair loss. You can visit their online platform first, check the different services they offer, and then call them to schedule an appointment before visiting the UK office. 

The steps mentioned here can guarantee you phenomenal results in quick succession. Make sure you follow them carefully in case you are looking forward to regrowing hair after surgery.

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