How Wendy Williams Deals with Hair Loss

How Wendy Williams Deals with Hair Loss

Wendy Williams is one of the most popular television talk show hosts ever, and for good reason. Her wildly successful talk show, The Wendy Williams Show, has been entertaining audiences since 2008. Each and every episode of the show is completely different, and you never know what Wendy will do next. Her thoughts on the latest bits of celebrity gossip and drama often go viral, racking up millions of views online.

It really seems like Williams has it all, especially when you consider that she has close to a 40 million dollar net worth. But, what a lot of people don’t know is that Williams is battling a few health issues. She is living with both hyperthyroidism and Graves’ disease, both of which affect the thyroid. These two diseases are what cause the bug-eyed appearance that she is known for.

But, these two illnesses do more than cause her to look bug-eyed; they have led her hair to weaken and fall out. Upon learning this, I knew I had to research to find out how Wendy Williams deals with hair loss.

Wendy and Wigs

In addition to her sassy, shady quips on The Wendy Williams Show, Williams is known for wearing wigs. But, these wigs are more than just a fashion statement. In fact, they’re how she deals with the hair thinning prompted by her hyperthyroidism and Graves’ disease.

But, Williams has used what many would consider a disadvantage to her advantage. The New Jersey native created her own collection of wigs, modeled after several of her most iconic looks, that can be purchased at several online retailers. 

Her confidence and embrace of wearing wigs is inspiring, and teaches us that we can always handle the cards that we have been dealt.

What to Do

For those struggling with hair thinning or hair loss, you can take a page from Williams’s book and opt to wear wigs. Wigs don’t have to look like they just came from Party City — there are several classy, high-quality looking wigs out there that look completely natural once they’re on.

However, over time, wigs can become extremely costly. After all, the most expensive options are the one that ones that look the best. Besides, you may not be able to find a wig that matches your look, and custom wigs are even more expensive than the most costly albums out there.
Fortunately, wigs aren’t the only option out there. You might want to give scalp micropigmentation a try. Scalp micropigmentation is a treatment in which micro pigments are tattooed onto the scalp —  though, the process is much less painful than tattooing. These tiny pigments fill in any missing parts of the hairline and make it look like you have a full head of hair. If you want to learn more, Emma Baglee is one of the world’s leaders in scalp micropigmentation services. You can read more on her home page.

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Collagen and Hair Loss

Collagen and Hair Loss

Simply Google “hair loss solutions” and you’ll be met with thousands upon thousands of websites that promise to help you end your hair loss once and for all. But, what if one of the best solutions to hair loss was already inside you?

Many medical experts believe that collagen, which is already naturally produced by the human body, may be the key to reversing hair loss. Learn about the ways in which collagen can help boost hair growth down below.

Strengthens the hair. The main way that collagen helps combat hair loss is by strengthening the hair strands. Collagen is already found naturally in our hair strands, but as we get older, we produce less collagen and don’t replace as many of our dying hair cells. This can lead to hair thinning.

But, if the body intakes a significant amount of collagen, it can help keep your hair strong and elastic. Therefore, you won’t see as many hair strands falling out when taking a shower or brushing your hair.  Or, if you’re growing older, you’ll see less bald spots as the years go by. 

How to take it in. Though collagen is already produced by our body, we need to ingest collagen in order to combat hair loss. One way to do so is through supplements. Several companies have caught on to how beneficial collagen can be for the body and sell tablets containing the substance. 

If tablets aren’t quite your style, you can find collagen in several different foods and incorporate them into your diet. One of the most classic examples of a collagen-rich food is bone broth, but there are several other options that you may find to be more substantial. These include leafy greens and citrus fruits, as well as oysters and meats like beef and chicken. Consider adding these to your diet if you want to slow down the effects of hair thinning.

For the best results, you may want to take collagen tablets in addition to incorporating more collagen into your diet. 

Other Options. Of course, ingesting more collagen may simply help to slow down hair thinning, not help you get back the hair that you’ve already lost. And, even with a collagen rich diet, it make take a while for you to see the results that you want. 
A new method that provides immediate results is called scalp micropigmentation. This procedure works by filling in the gaps in your hairline with tiny pigments. This tiny pigments work to create the appearance of a filled in, healthy hairline. Scalp micropigmentation can also be utilized to create the illusion that someone who has completely lost their hair has recently shaved their heads. You can learn more about scalp micropigmentation here:

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Temporary and Permanent Hair Loss Solutions

Temporary and Permanent Hair Loss Solutions

Hair loss doesn’t discriminate — it affects people across different racial and ethnic groups, genders, ages, health backgrounds, and more. The large amount of people dealing with hair loss has translated into a wide array of various hair loss solutions available on the market.

On one hand, this is a good thing, because it means that you have a lot of options. If one treatment doesn’t work for you, you have a ton of others to choose from. On the other hand, having so many options at your disposal can be extremely overwhelming. How do you possibly choose which solution to try out first?

Hopefully this blog post comes in hand as you begin your journey to defeat hair loss. I’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular hair loss procedures out there, categorizing them as either permanent or temporary solutions. Of course, this isn’t a complete list, but it can serve as a starting point for anyone wishing to solve their hair loss troubles for good.

Temporary Hair Loss Solutions

Hair fiber spray. This hair loss solution has become more and more popular in recent years. Hair fibers are applied to the hair in the form of the spray, and then attach to the hair through the use of static electricity. The electromagnetic energy in the hair fibers, which are made with a protein called keratin which is naturally found in human hair, allows them to stick to your human hair. The hair fibers cover up any bald spots on your head, but do not stick permanently to your head. If you go for this option, you’ll have to reapply the hair fibers every 1-2 days.

Wigs. Many celebrities, such as famous talk show host Wendy Williams, wear wigs to disguise their hair loss. Wigs are certainly a quick fix  — all you have to do is put one on and you have a full, healthy ‘do. Additionally, wigs may be a great option for those who love to constantly switch up their look on the daily. Of course, wigs are not a permanent solution and must be put on each day.

Permanent Hair Loss Solutions

Hair transplant surgery. This procedure is one of the most well-known and most drastic out there. Unlike other mentioned solutions, this is a surgery that requires a significant recovery time. Most hair transplant surgeries work by moving a hair-growing section of the scalp to an area that is experiencing hair thinning. While many people have found success with hair transplant surgeries, the results are not guaranteed. 
Scalp micropigmentation. This procedure utilizes permanent micro pigment to fill in gaps in your hair line, or for those of you who are completely bald, to make it look like you recently  shaved your head. This is a permanent procedure that won’t require daily upkeep — once your required treatments are done, you’re good. Scalp micropigmentation, offered at this clinic in Scottsdale, is becoming one of the most popular hair loss solutions, and for good reason.

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Famous Bald Video Game Characters

Famous Bald Video Game Characters

It can be comforting to see someone else who looks like you represented in some of your favorite mediums. Most listicles highlight musicians or television or movie characters, but I decided to make it a little bit different by highlighting famous bald video game characters.

For all you video game junkies out there, this one’s for you! Check out some of the most iconic bald video game characters of all time!

Dr. Robotnik/Dr. Eggman

I had to start off this list with the iconic Doctor Eggman, otherwise known as Dr. Robotnik from Sonic the Hedgehog game series. This legendary villain has also been featured in the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon series.

The evil mad scientist is literally shaped like an egg, hence his hilarious name. He is known for flying insane vehicles to attempt to catch Sonic, Tails, and the rest of the gang.


Who doesn’t love Street Fighter? This character has a bit of an interesting backstory. Dhalsim is a yogi and a strict pacifist. Well, why would a pacifist be in Street Fighter? After all, “fighter” is literally in the video game’s title.

This character decides to set his beliefs to the side and join the World Warrior Tournament. However, he is doing it for a good cause — to raise money for his home village!

Agent 47

Wrapping up our list is Agent 47 from The Hitman game series. Wearing just a black suit with black leather gloves and a red tie, Agent 47 makes simple look so good. It doesn’t hurt that he is a total badass!

While it can be comforting to see characters that look like you, you don’t have to live with baldness forever. A company located in New York can fill in your hairline with micro-pigments, making your hairline look healthy and full!

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Hair Dye and Hair Loss

Hair Dye and Hair Loss

Dyeing your hair should always be a fun way to express yourself. However, some people face adverse effects when experimenting with hair dye. Hair dye and bleach are both filled with chemicals that, when used sparingly, aren’t too dangerous. Improper use, though, can lead to disaster.

What causes a chemical burn?

When you go to get your hair done professionally, your stylist knows what bleach to apply to your hair and for how long. When you decide to do a DIY job on your hair, you’re going in without any expertise. This makes it easy for too much bleach to be applied.

An overabundance of bleach can damage to the hair follicle, weakening it and causing it to fall out. After enough damage, chemical burns can appear on the scalp, and in worst-case scenarios, leave scarring.

How to deal with a chemical burn

If you’ve gotten a nasty chemical burn as a result of a bad dye job, you’re not completely out of luck yet. Many creams and lotions have been created specifically to soothe a tender scalp. On top of this, a general practitioner can prescribe medications to prevent these burns from getting infected.

Hair loss due to a chemical burn is usually not permanent, although it is often very inconvenient. These types of burns usually only result in slight hair loss that’s usually invisible. However, if your burn was severe enough to cause moderate hair loss, there are solutions available. Scalp Revolution recommends scalp micropigmentation, or the depositing of pigment directly into your scalp, for major hair loss, as this process evens out patchiness and creates the illusion of thick, healthy hair. If you’re concerned about visible bald spots, this treatment could be just what you need to feel like yourself again.

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Tips for Buying a Wig

Tips for Buying a Wig

Some people choose to handle their hair loss by opting for a wig. Wigs are an immediate solution that does not require any visit to the doctor or any specialized medical professional, so they may be the optimal solution for some. An added bonus is that you get to try out new hairstyles each day without having to go to the hair stylist.

If you’re in the market for a wig, here are some tips specially curated for you so that you can pick the best wig possible.

  • Buy a wig stand

This tip is easily forgotten, so I decided to include it first. Of course, wig stands aren’t as glamorous as the actual wig, but they are extremely important to maintain a good-looking wig. Wig stands keep your wig from getting tangled and also allows it to keep its shape so that it looks brand new every time you put it on.

  • Visit your Hairdresser

Once you’ve picked out your ideal wig, don’t be too shy to make a visit to your hairdresser. Even if it isn’t your hair, your hairdresser can still help you out. Ask him or her to cut the wig so that it properly frames your face. You can also have your hairdresser if they have any recommendations for what style would like best on you in particular.

  • Try out Different Hair Caps

With wigs, the hair cap you select can make all the difference. Instead of just choosing one at random, make sure to research all the different cap types and try them out for yourself. You can choose between the basic cap, lace front, microfilament caps, and more. Of course, a wig may not be the right choice for everyone. Consider going with medicine or a topical treatment, or scalp micropigmentation services from companies like Team Micro.

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